What is Financial Data Science?

Data science, as applied to finance, is the field where you build systems and processes to extract insights from financial data in various forms.

What is the goal of the course?

The course aims to provide tools and guidelines for the operational use of data and data science, placing the customer at the centre of the business and thus optimizing the consultancy process financial-insurance.

Who is the course for?

- Data scientists or fintech addicted
- Everyone who works for companies in the financial (or fintech) and insurance sectors that aim to become “data-driven”.
- Everyone who is interested or want to be better in the financial data science field.

How is the course organized?

  • Lessons, tests and materials in Italian

  • Online live lesson and access to recorded video

  • Lessons 3/02 ,10/02, 24/02, 3/03 from 16 to 18.

  • A digital online class of only 30 spot

  • Q&A and networking session

  • Certification of completion included


  • 1

    Introduction to Machine Learning, AI and Automation

    • Areas and examples of application in asset management and insurance

    • Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning

    • Introduction to Machine Learning, AI and Automation Quiz

  • 2

    Data and Models

    • Big Data vs Small data

    • Data Management

    • Model Engineering

    • DataViz: the life cycle of a model

    • Panorama Technology

    • Buy vs Make

    • Best practices and mistakes to avoid

    • Data and Models Quiz

  • 3

    Use Of Data Science For Customer Segmentation

    • Analysis of the customer's needs and social and psychological profile

    • Product governance, client targeting and reduction of risk of loss

    • Data Science at the service of financial consultants, insurance agents and banking networks

    • Use Of Data Science For Customer Segmentation Quiz

  • 4

    Data Science, Marketing & Digital Communication

    • Leverage data to optimize marketing and communication

    • Smart use of CRM and media center

    • Data Science, Marketing & Digital Communication Quiz

Who are your teacher?

Virtual B is a pioneer of Fintech in Italy. The company was founded in 2010 by an experienced team with a strong background in the financial industry. In 2011 the company launched AdviseOnly, the first Robo-advisor in Europe. Today Virtual B is a fintech company providing analytics and digital solutions for wealth management with a strong focus on innovation and disruptive technologies.

Have you additional questions?

We are happy to help you with building your educational path in the fintech sector.