• Whom can I contact for info?

    Send an email to education@fintechdistrict.com.

  • What’s the official language?

    Video lessons are in Italian language but presentations and documents are in English.

  • If I change my mind, may I ask you to refund?

    Sorry, we are unable to issue a refund. We remind you the course is always available online and you can attend at any time. If you can no longer attend, we offer the chance to transfer the course to another person. Email us at education@fintechdistrict.com.

  • How many absences do you allow?

    There is no absence. After registering, you can attend the course when it is most convenient, every day, and at any time of the day.

  • What do I need to attend?

    A smartphone, tablet, or PC connected to an internet network from which to view and listen to the video lessons.

  • Is the completion certificate valid?

    The completion certificate is valid for curricular purposes and you will have it when you will pass the final test.

  • How does the billing work?

    You will immediately receive the receipt and in 15 days you will also receive the bill.

  • Why you ask for our specific billing information?

    We have a duty to ask you for this specific billing information in order to fulfil the Italian law. For this reason, if you do not complete your data within two weeks, we will suspend your account.

  • What is your payment provider?

    We use Stripe and we don't collect your payment information.